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A Network for European Researchers in India

Including Europeans commuting between Europe and India.

A network is being considered for European researchers and science and technology students (MA, PhD) in India, including Europeans "commuting" between Europe and India. It would provide web based and other services for researchers who are interested in strengthening their contacts with other European researchers in India and Europe. This project is supported by the European Commission (EC - Directorate General for Research and the Delegation of the EU to India) in collaboration with the Embassies of the EU Member States in India.

This survey has been launched to identify ways of developing the network and the types of information and services that would be useful to European researchers in India as well as to European researchers commuting frequently between Europe and India. The results of this survey will be used to possibly develop the network to be launched under the name EURAXESS Links India. Networks of this type are already up and running in the USA, Japan and China.

Source: Delegation of the European Union in to India


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