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EU-India Science and Technology Cooperation Days

Vienna, 1 -2 December 2011.

As project partner within the FP7 ERA-Net New INDIGO  the Centre for Social Innovation has the pleasure to announce the second “EU-India Science and Technology Cooperation Days” (www.euindiacoop.org/2011), to be held in Vienna, 1 -2 December 2011. Hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research, the event aims at fostering cooperation between India and Europe in the field of science, technology and innovation. It will allow its more than 200 participants from ministries, academia, industry, SMEs and research and innovation organisations to:

- attend a scientific conference with high-level keynote speakers and scientists involved in projects funded by the New INDIGO ERA-NET, the Seventh Framework Programme and bilateral programmes between Europe and India
- meet and discuss future research and development activities in the ‘Vienna Researcher’s Café’
- discuss the analysis and strategic findings of support initiatives for the cooperation between the regions
- participate in a lively discussion between scientists and policy makers
- broadcast their scientific and innovation ideas or support services in a dedicated poster session
- participate in science and cultural site visits

Register now on http://www.euindiacoop.org/2011/registration.php and take the chance to win the "Early Bird Bonus" of 250 Euros!

Source: Centre for Social Innovation

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