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International Workshop on Functional Materials

International Workshop on Functional Materials (IWFM-2011)

The International Workshop on Functional Materials (IWFM) visualizes giving an exposure to its participants on different aspects of modern materials through a set of invited lectures by experts in the field. At the same time participants are encouraged to make poster presentations of the work in which they are currently involved. Besides there will be ample opportunity for the participants to have informal discussions on topics of mutual interest with the invited speakers with the aim of developing future collaboration.

At present there is a lot of emphasis on designing tailor made materials to perform specific functions to meet the requirements of particular technologies. At the same time material scientists are looking into the possibility of modifying existing materials so as to functionalize them. A lot of work is currently in progress to find such materials for applications in various fields. The workshop will aim at bringing together the existing and developing knowledge in this field.

The technical programme will consist of six sessions spread over three days. This will include plenary lectures by invited speakers and contributed papers in the form of poster presentations.

Sponsored by the National Institute of Science and Technology and Drexel University.

Start date: Thursday Dec 20, 2012, 09:00 AM 
End date: Saturday Dec 22, 2012, 07:00 PM 
Venue: Berhampur, Orissa
Address:  Berhampur, Orissa, India

Source: euagenda.eu

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