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Europe and India: Past, Present and Future

The general aim of the project was to extend the Indo-European co-operation, at present very active in the field of physics and mathematics, to the applications of mechanical sciences and computer science to engineering extended to environment, management, etc.

The project was carried out in Italy, India and Austria, for favouring the exchange and the collaboration of scientists and research workers. An example of this co-operation has been a joint research into hydrology, a topic of great relevance both in India and Europe.

The results of the project are available not only in the traditional form of printed material, but also on Internet, in multimedia products and in a database.

«Europe and India: Past, Present and Future» was co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of the «EU-India Economic Cross-Cultural Programme». The project was conducted by four institutions: Società Indologica «Luigi Pio Tessitori» (Italy), International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (Italy),ÖFPZ Arsenal (Austria), B.M. Birla Science Centre (India),

Website: http://www.europeindia.org/

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