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Of the sixteen places of doctorates in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics activated by the University of Udine in the seventeenth round (a.a.2001/2002), four were awarded to Indian students. The preliminary selection of candidates Indians took place in Hyderabad during the course Models and Metamodels for Software Verification and Validation, held by Furio Honsell (University of Udine) and M. Radhakrishna (B.M. Birla Science Center) in August 2001.

The research topics assigned to the first four doctoral students in India were: Coalgebraic Semantics of an Imperative Class Based Language, Navigation aids for 3D virtual buildings, Modeling tools for 3D virtual buildings, Classification of gamma sources with unsupervised neural networks

In XVIII (a.a. 2002/2003) and XIX (a.a. 2003/2004) cycles, the University of Udine has reserved twenty seats for a doctorate in Computer Science and twelve seats for PhD in Mathematics and Physics. The requests for test selection received from India were 45 for a doctorate in Computer Science and 4 for Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics.

Overall, the Indian doctoral students enrolled at the University of Udine are:

XVII cycle
Subramanian Venkataram (Computer science)
Vijay Kumar Gatla (Computer science)
Praveen Boinee (Computer science)
Rekha Redamalla (Computer science) 

XVIII cycle
Sashikanth Penmetsa (Computer science)
Srinivasha Murthy Jonnalagadda (Computer science)

XIX cycle
Bavikadi Satshyanarayan Reddy (Mathematics and Physics)
Philomon Pallepogu John (Computer science)
Pudota Nirmala Mary (Computer science) 

XX cycle
Challapalli Prasad (Computer science)
Subba Lakshmi Burra (Mathematics and Physics)
Paramasivam  Manikandan (Biomedical sciences and Biotechnologies)

XXI cycle
Sugavanam Swaminathan (Computer science)
Mankuzhiyil  Nijil (Mathematics and Physics)

XXIII cycle
Asha Rani (Computer science)
Potu Harish (Biomedical sciences and Biotechnologies)

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